IAHH Gold Medal 2017 to Prof. Balkrishna Doshi

N K S 01_140Prof. Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi, was honoured with the 2nd IAHH Gold Medal 2017 at a special function organized in association with the Council of Architecture, Indian Institute of Architects- Gujarat Chapter and IIA Ahmedabad Centre. He was bestowed with the honour by International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH) “for his life time contribution to architectural profession and education; inspiring and guiding humane habitat movement” said Prof. Anil Nagrath, Secretary General, IAHH. The function was hosted by Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai. Ar. Mihir Parikh, Chairman, IIA Gujarat Chapter, Ar. Pravin Patel, IIA Ahmedabad Centre and Ar. Girish Mistry, Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers & Architects expressed their gratitude to Prof. Doshi and narrated personal anecdotes.

Ar. Divya Kush, President, Indian Institute of Architects honoured Prof. B. V. Doshi with a shawl. He said Prof Doshi has made an outstanding contribution in the fields of architecture, urban planning and education. Ar. Vijay Garg, Vice President, Council of Architecture presented the Gold Medal plaque. He lauded the life-time contribution of Prof. Doshi in his quest for excellence in architecture and urbanism. Prof. B. V. Doshi was presented the IAHH Gold Medal by Prof. Akhtar Chauhan, founder president of IAHH and Director, Rizvi College of Architecture. He read the citation that traced the evolution of Prof. Doshi’s philosophy of architecture and planning and the key issues that Prof. Doshi addressed in this works and studies.

The Gold Medal was to be presented at the 19th International Conference on Humane Habitat (ICHH) in Mumbai on 3rd Feb 2017. However, since Prof. B. V. Doshi could not travel to Mumbai, a special function was organized at H. T. Parekh Convention Centre, Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad to honour Prof. B. V. Doshi. “It is an expression of love from his students and fellow architects” said Prof. Doshi.

Prof. Doshi said that “ our cities should celebrate public spaces with movement, chatter and transactions. We should aim at developing walkable cities with a network of social, public facilities and open spaces. Our cities maximize the use of mixed and hybrid time and energy saving transport systems. Only then we can claim that they are sustainable and humane.”

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“ Our society is homogenously heterogeneous. It encourages both formal and informal activities. It is an expression of unity in diversity. We have a billion problems but we should transform them into a billion opportunities by empowering people.”“ The key issue is how to transform a house into a home when one is designing hundreds of houses. Each family has a distinctive life-style and is unique. This should find expression in the architecture and community building.”

“He is the only Indian architect who has creatively challenged the modern architecture to take it to a much higher level. His architecture needs to be studied and understood.” said Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya. “His life-time contribution in the field of education needs to be emulated” said Ar. Miki Desai from Ahmedabad. “He is Bhisma Pitamah of Indian Architecture” said Ar. Y. D. Mistry from Vadodara. Prof. Peter Rich, Johannesburg, South Africa; Architect Martina Spies from Vienna, Austria and Prof. Pradnya Chauhan, Mumbai appreciated the immense contribution made by Prof. B. V. Doshi.

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A large gathering of architects, planners, urban designers, landscape designers, engineers, educators and students, was moved by an emotional response by Prof. Balkrishna V. Doshi. Ar. Mohin Merchant, Principal In charge of Rizvi College of Architecture thanked all the dignitaries and participants for making the special function most memorable. “ Meeting Prof. Doshi in person for the first time was an inspiring and moving experience. I was destined to meet him on this special day.“ said Ar. Ejaz Kashmiri, Vice Principal, Rizvi College of Architecture. It was a great experience and once in a life-time opportunity” said a student from Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai. Students from Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Kalol attended the function in large numbers.

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Prof. Akhtar Chauhan, Founder President, IAHH &Director, Rizvi College of Architecture

Prof. Mohin Merchant,  I/C Principal, Rizvi College of Architecture

Mumbai, Feb 28, 2017

Results and Jury Report: 15th IAHH International Sudent Design Competition 2017

The Jury first noted the small number of entries; in spite of the importance and significance of the problem posed by the competition brief, and the substantial prize money being offered.

Of the Schemes as the competition entries, the jury noted the variety of approaches even in the small sample.

From pre-fabrication as a solution for affordability, to geometrical ingenuity for spatial organisation, to working from the existing matrix of roads and open spaces and improving dwelling design.

The Scheme which improved the existing facilities matrix and went beyond the problem of density and affordability, to focus on dwelling as a home in society, was accepted by the jury unanimously as the best entry. The Scheme was distinguished by clear presentation and inspired thinking. By placing the inhabitants at the centre of incremental housing process, the scheme becomes implementable and economically viable.

The entries were ranked in the ascending order of merit as follows:

4. 6191254

3. PAN2178

2. 9920857


The Jury appreciated the efforts of the entrants, and expressed hope for more active participation in the future.

Prof. M. N. Ashish Ganju (Chairman), New Delhi, India

Dr. Martina Spies, Vienna, Austria

Ar. Nitin Killawala, Mumbai, India

Ar. Biju Kuriakose, Chennai, India

31st January 2017

Prof. Anil Nagrath, Secretary General, IAHH annouced the results of the competition at the concluding session of the 19th ICHH 2017 hosted by Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai, India.

The followings are the winners:

First Prize: Entry No: 9930586 Mihir Desai, Lekha Sawant, Chinmay Shidhore, Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture, Mumbai

Second Prize: Entry No. 9920857 Pranav Thole & Pramada Jagtap,
Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture, Mumbai

Third Prize: Entry No. PAN2178 Ankit R. Gaidhani, Palak Aggarwal & Sohail Plasterwala, Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai

Honourable Mention: Entry No. 6191254. Sohail Shaikh, Arsh Khatri, Burhan Patel, Yunus Kasu & Anas Ishke, Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai.

Prof. Akhtar Chauhan,
Convener ICHH & ISDC 2017
Founder President, IAHH

Mumbai, 3rd February 201

19th ICHH Announced


Hosted by Rizvi College of Architecture, Off Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400 050, India

Theme:  Affordable and Sustainable Housing for All   

Dates: February 1-3, Feb, 2017, Mumbai, India

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 19th edition of International Conference on Humane Habitat (ICHH) 2017. It shall focus on the issue of affordable and sustainable housing in rural, urban and regional contexts.  It shall incorporate presentations by leading architects, educators, engineers, social scientists, environmentalists, urban planners, urban designers & landscape architects. The issues affordability, appropriateness, sustainability and innovation in planning, designing  and developing housing for all in sustainable humane habitats shall be discussed and debated over a period of three days in February 2017.

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15th ISDC 2017 Announced

15TH IAHH International Student Design Competition

Affordable and Sustainable Housing for All

World Habitat Day 2016 was celebrated on 3rd October 2016 world over with the theme Housing at the Centre.

In his message on World Habitat Day, UN Secretary-GeneraI Mr. Ban Ki-moon urged “national and local governments, city planners and communities everywhere to keep Housing at the Centre”. He pointed out that Guaranteeing dignity and opportunity for all depends on people having access to affordable and adequate housing. The Theme of the 15th IAHH International Student Design Competition shall focus on the key issue of planning and designing Affordable and Sustainable Housing for All.

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