10th ICHH and 6th ISDC Announced

IAHH is proud to announce the brief for the 10th International Conference on Humane Habitat. This conference will be held in From

january 25-27, 2008. The theme of next year’s conference is

Sustainable Humane Habitats: Architectural Education, Research and Practice.

Please check out our conference pages for the entire details.

IAHH also announces the 6th International Student Design Competition.

The jury for this competition will be held during the conference, and the results announced at the plenery session of the conference on January 27, 2008.

The brief for this year’s conference involves “Planning and designing a micro-cosmic sustainable humane habitat.

More details on our competition pages.

3 thoughts on “10th ICHH and 6th ISDC Announced”

  1. How do i get the registration form?
    No link has been given in the website as to how one should get the form for registration. Also, the registration fees mentioned are in dollars, just wanted to know the mode of payment and also as to whether there is a provision for students residing in india to pay in Indian rupees. Please clarify.

  2. Dear Competition participants,

    Please note that the deadline for early registration is extended to Dec 30, 2007 as shown in the ICHH 2008 brochure that contains the competition registration form.

    For payment options one can send the registration fee US $ 25 / Rs.1250 through banker’s cheque in favour of “Rizvi College of Architecture Conference a/c” payable at Mumbai, India or through money transfere. For details please send an email at ichh2008@hotmail.com or ichh08@gmail.com

    with best wishes,

    Prof. Akhtar Chauhan
    Convener ICHH 2008

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