11th ICHH 2009 Announced

The 11th Annual Edition of the International Conference on Humane Habitat has been announced.


The conference shall be hosted at the Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai India; from

Jan 29-31st 2008.

The central theme of this year’s conference is

Sustainable Humane Habitats: Revitalising City Centres and Promoting Transit Area Development

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2 thoughts on “11th ICHH 2009 Announced”

  1. Sir,
    I would like to know the details regarding this event. Like the no. of delegates and will there be international delegates also

  2. Dear Vandana,

    Rizvi College of Architecture and IAHH has been hosting the ICHH conf at RCA since 1999. We have about 24-36 technical presentations / papers from about 10 countries. We received 90 entries from 20 countries for IAHH International Student Design Competition. We expect about 300 delegates, architects and students, to the conference and about 36 architects and educators who will be presenting their studies and works at the conference. We expect about 10-15 international delegates who shall be presenting their papers. We do conference management in house. Our students and faculty volunteers to do all the work that is usually done by event mgmt firms! We have our own conference hall, restaurants, exhibition spaces and seminar rooms at the college premises. We have booked nearby hotels to house the delegates. We believe in keeping it simple and we manage with a low budget, therefore, we have been able to sustain the ICHH conf over last 10 years.

    We would like to thank all the students, faculty and friends who have participated in management of the ICHH and ISDC events at RCA over the years.

    Prof. Akhtar Chauhan
    Convener ICHH 2009

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