16th ISDC 2018 Announced

16TH IAHH International Student Design Competition

INNOVATION AND HUMANE HABITAT: The Neighbourhood as the unit of
planning for a Humane Habitat

The world wide discussion on urban development over the last 100 years has focused on cities at scales increasing from small and medium towns to big cities and metropolis to ecumenopolis and urban regions. It has been very exciting to speculate on our urban future as an exercise in bigness or largeness. The urban reality on the ground in this period has not been as exciting! As more and more people have moved to live in cities, urban distress has increased in terms of homelessness, growth of slums, and
environmental pollution. The ideal of a ‘humane habitat’ has become more and more difficult to realise.

It is our proposition that human perception is best able to comprehend our habitat upto the scale of a Neighbourhood. As the urban unit gets
larger it becomes removed from the anchor of human understanding, and we begin a series of speculations which ‘intoxicate’ our sense perception, but lead us to the inevitable aftermath of a ‘hangover’.

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