6th ISDC Competition Winning Entries

The following are the winning entries

First Prize:No 1303133 Housing for the Boatmakers –Mandvi (Kutch)

Anand Mata CEPT, Ahmedabad,



Second Prize: No.8307723 Reconstruction of Dapeng Ancient Town
Ma Jia,

Ding Yifei, Lu Chao


HIT, SGS University, China


Third Prize: No.1245430 Kumartuli Kolkata

Chen Yuxun ,Tan Ruixiang, Eugene Aw, Grace Chen, Heng Yinghui.

Department of Architecture, School of Design & Environment, Singapore.


6 thoughts on “6th ISDC Competition Winning Entries”

  1. Hello everyone.
    Thank you all for the respect.
    Please post the responses to the project. Any kind. It would be great to know and to learn from you all.
    Thank you.

  2. the winning projects are impressive and fit very well to the local asian conditions. ………[content deleted by moderator]……….the winning entries – they are great! hail to the winners!

  3. Dear friends,

    It would be better to discuss issues in context rather than jumping to conclusions and out of context comments that do not contribute to process of humanizing our habitats.

    Here is a little story that I learnt in the primary school. There was a match and one team won. The teacher asked the question, who won the match. The winning team was the answer. Then he turned around and said no, the teams that played also won, because they played the game. The people who watched the game, also won because they enjoyed the game too. Only those who did not participate nor watch lost the game!

    I am sure all the students who participated enjoyed the process and shared the happiness of your creative endeavour. So our congratulations are for all the participants, students, faculty who guided them and heads who encouraged them. Each entry has contributed to the process of evolving humane habitat, in a small but greatly significant way! Keep it up!

    with best wishes,

    Prof. Akhtar Chauhan
    Founder President, IAHH
    Convener ICHH and ISDC 2008

  4. Dear Akhtar:
    I would like to know, if it is possible, some about the works that students of sustainable architecture of University of Mendoza have been send to the 6 ISDC.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best wishes
    Prof. Alfredo Esteves
    Prof. Adolfo Mallea

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