7th ISDC 2009 Announced

IAHH is happy to announce the 7th Annual Edition of the International Student Design Competition.

This years competition theme revolves around


Please refer to the competition page for complete design brief and other details.

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  1. Dear friends,

    The registration forms for the IAHH competition and ICHH conference can be downloaded from our website.

    The details of the competition can be downloaded from competition pages 7th ISDC 2009.

    with best wishes,
    Convener ICHH 2009

  2. We have problem about the registration.In Spain isn´t posible issue check payable at Mumbay, only we can issue it payable at USA.It´s acceptable??
    It´s posible pay by money transfer? If it can be, please could you give us : account number, bank, office/branch and beneficiary name???

  3. Hi,

    Our group is from Australia and we are also having problems figuring out how to make the payment.

    Has the question above (Ana, November 18) been answered yet?


  4. Dear friends,

    The simplest way is to pay by a banker’s cheque in favour of
    Rizvi College of Architecture Conference a/c payable at Mumbai,
    India. Our Bankers are Abhyudaya Cooperative Bank Ltd. Bandra West,
    Mumbai. If you have difficulty, we
    shall consider each case and advise accordingly. Please go ahead with your project work. The
    last date for early registration is
    extended to December 15, 2008. We were having holidays in our school
    and I am abroad, therefore,the delay in replying.

    with best wishes,
    Convener ICHH 2009

  5. Hello!

    I sent you my registration form and payment details two weeks ago.

    Then I was trying to confirm that everything arrive you OK, writting mails and phoning several times, but there was no answer.

    Could you please confirm me that everything is OK?

    In case of a problem, can you just confirm me that you are recieving my mails….

    Thank you

  6. Hi,
    I am trying to register from iran but it’s not possible to issue a check to Mumbai from here!
    How can I transfer the Registeration fee?
    do you accept Credit card transitions?

  7. hi!
    what about the required panels for the competition?should they be rigid or we can send them coiled?

    thank you

  8. Dear friends,

    There have been numerous queries regarding the competition. The following are the clarifications:

    1. The seven digit code has to be selected by the participating teams. They shall only display the seven digit code on their drawings and documents and not write their names. In order to ensure annonymity before the jury. They shall submit a blank envelop with their seven digit code written on top, containing a copy of the reg form with their seven digit code written over it. These envelops shall be opened only after the jury process is over to indentify the winners and participants.

    2. The drawings can be submitted on light weight panels or as rolled inside a tube along with the report and a CD.

    3. The documents containing drawings, report and CD must be declared as having no commercial value being entries in a student design competition.

    4. The documents shall be sent via a courier company or by air mail so that these are delivered directly at the Rizvi College of Architecture address in good time. It must not be submitted by airfreight companies which require us to go to the customs dept to clear it and invites duties and it takes a lot of time. We shall not be responsible for such an error.

    5. The registration fee can be paid by a banker’z cheque in favour of “Rizvi College of Architecture Conference a/c” or through wire transfer to our account. In case of wire transfer please send an email to ichh09@gmail.com for further details.

    6. For Iranian participants, you may contact IAHH Iran co-ordinator
    Dr. Parvin Ghaemmaghami at IUST, Tehran for assistance. You may contact Prof. Ghaemmaghami at

    If you need any further clarification or assistance please send us an email.

    with best wishes,
    Prof. Akhtar Chauhan
    Convener ICHH and ISDC 2009

  9. Dear Friends,

    We wish to inform all the participants that due to unavailability of Dr. Ashraf Salama and Prof. Anna Rubbo, we have appointed Dr. Parvin Ghaemmaghami, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran and Architect Martina Spies, Art University, Vienna, Austria as members of the Jury of the 7th IAHH International Student Design Competition.

    with best wishes,

    Prof. Akhtar Chauhan
    Convener ICHH and ISDC 2009

  10. Dear friends,

    Entries have started coming in! If you have any difficulty with your document or courier service please do not hesistate to contact us on our tel /fax / email. We will try our best to ensure that your entries are received in good time for the jury. Thank you for your participation in ISDC 2009.

    with best wishes,
    Convener ISDC 2009

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