We, the citizens of the global community, living in villages, towns, cities and metropolises of different countries, are deeply concerned with the present inhuman state of most of the human settlements and the deterioration of quality of life.

We, hereby constitute the International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH) for ensuring well being of the present and the future generations of humankind through a global movement for evolution of humane habitat.

We, therefore, adopt the following goals and objectives in order to evolve a sustainable environment to live in:

-to conserve and preserve the natural environment,
-to ensure safety and security in human settlements.
-to enable a peaceful and harmonious living,
-to develop the means of sustenance, work, living, social, cultural, economic interactions, education, health care, movement, communication, tourism, leisure, recreation, sports and spiritual activities,
-to enhance the quality of infrastructure,
-to evolve humane habitat
through studies, education, training, research, planning, designing, construction, development, management, communications, interactions and activities in the field of humane habitat.

We are pleased to invite interested architects, planners, engineers, builders, constructors, policy makers, administrators, business persons, industrialists, environmentalists, social scientists, scientists, technologists, artists, activists and experts in the various fields of human endeavour to join this movement for transformation of our human settlements into a global humane habitat.

We, the founder members, hereby adopt this Constitution and Bye-Laws and constitute the International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH) on this 30th day of January, 2000 at Mumbai, India.

The following are the founder members of the International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH):

Prof. Akhtar Chauhan, Mumbai, India
Prof. Pradnya Chauhan, Mumbai, India
Prof. Madhav Deobhakta, Mumbai, India
Ar. Meera Deobhakta, Mumbai, India
Prof. Muktirajsinhji Chauhan, Ahmedabad, India
Ar. Uttara Chauhan, Toronto, Canada
Prof. Pramod Kale, Pune, India
Ar. Anil Nagrath, Mumbai, India
Ar. Akhil Dadkar, Mumbai, India
Prof. Peter Schreibmayer, Graz, Austria
Prof. M.N. Ashish Ganju, New Delhi, India
Ar. Jinraj Joshipura, Boston, USA