Architects and Ekisticians for Peace In The Middle East

Sign a petition calling for a ceasefire in the Middle East, urging all the political leaders to search for a lasting peace.

The following is a message from Prof. Akhtar Chauhan.


There is a need for long term and permanent solution to the issues, which mere ceasefire is not going to solve. I am a strong believer in finding creative solutions to the issues. The problem has arisen due to artificial creation of nations at the end of World War II by the victors. Since then thousands have died and millions have suffered due to on going conflicts in the Middle East.

The forces of peace need to unite and find creative and acceptable solutions to the issues. We do not have much time. We are on the verge of a conflict that may grow into World War III if the forces of peace do not act urgently and decisively.

One of the solutions lies in a regional collaborative framework, which encompasses Palestine, Israel and Lebanon. All the three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, preach good neighbourliness, love and care for fellow human beings and prohibit violence and killing of any innocent human being.

Based on this common understanding there is a need to go beyond the nation statesand work out an out of the box solution in the regional co-operation or a confederation of nations with an economic union. Let people of all faiths live together in peace and let there not be any further violence and killing of innocent children, women, men, elders and animals. We call for immediate ceasefire leading to a permanent peace.

It is upto us the forces of peace to press for it successfully before the forces of violence turn the world into one living hell. We need to spread the good ideas for permanent solution to the crisis in the Middle East. From the Architects and Ekisticians for Peace to the Citizens for Peace, Now! Spread the good idea among your friends, today!

It may seem like a dream to many but I am convinced that that is the way out, the permanent solution, which will please the Almighty Allah. May Allah bless the people of the world with peace, harmony and sustainable development. Ameen.

2 thoughts on “Architects and Ekisticians for Peace In The Middle East”

  1. dear prof.Akhtar Chauhan,
    it was very nice to read your write-up on long and
    permenant solution for middle-east.i hope we all would
    be able to achieve the desired results one
    also has to remember that people in subcontinent are
    affected directly by the terrorism in this region and
    there is a long need for permanent solution to the
    various conflicts here,especially Kashmir,because
    these are affecting our economy and day to day
    living.i would appreciate if you would be able to
    write the same for some of the core issues of

    with regards,
    Arch. SYED ATHER

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