Jury Report: 11th ISDC 2013


THE 11TH IAHH International Student Design Competition.

The jury consisting of Prof. Bart Dewancker, Japan; Ar. Biju Kuriakose, Chennai, India and Ar. Martina Spies, Vienna, Austria met on January 30-31, 2013. Dr. Peter Schreibmayer, Austria and Dr. Parveen Ghaemmaghami, Iran were unable to attend the jury. There were only 9 entries this year.

The evaluation of the projects made by the jury was based on a mixture of several criteria; first of all we’ve looked at the

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understanding of the issues and site. Planning strategies, considerations of the local communities, and the way those aspects and strategies had been translated in the overall urban and architectural design expressed in the proposals. Among the 9 proposals, we’ve selected 2 projects worth the 1st and 2nd prize, because we could find coherence between the handled issues in relation to the selected site, above that the proposals were based on sharp and keen analyses. Also we’ve selected 2 projects worth anhonorable mention; those both proposals had made good studies of the issues or analyses of the site, however in the design proposals a profounder relation between the analyses and the designs would have made the projects more convincing.

The Jury unanimously agreed to give only the first and second prize and they identified two entries for honourable mentions. The details are as follows:


Team1500708 : First Prize


Pratik Nimbarte, Jai Bhadgaonkar and Ketaki Tare

CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India.

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9th ISDC 2011: Jury Report


9th IAHH International Student Design Competition 2011

Theme: Appropriate Transportation and Infrastructural Development for Evolving Humane Habitats.

Host: Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai, India


We would like to thank all the entrants of the 9th IAHH International Student Design Competition on the theme of ‘Appropriate Transportation and Infrastructure Development for Evolving Sustainable Humane Habitats’. It was a challenging theme calling for participants to engage with the most complex urban design issues. Submissions were received from cities all over India and from as far afield as Iran and Japan. The number of entries this year was lower than in previous years and the general standard not as high. The jury felt that this was perhaps reflection of the difficulty of this year’s theme and therefore the efforts of those who completed the work and made their submissions.
Each member of the Jury took time to examine all of the entries submitted over a two day period. The jury met to discuss and review the work of a number of occasions and eventually drew up a list of the winning schemes and those worthy of honourable mention. The jury was held on 26th and 27th January 2011 at Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai, India.

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Jury Comments for 8th ISDC 2010

Report of Jury: 8th IAHH International Student Design Competition 2010

Fifty one competition entries from at least one dozen countries were examined by the jury on 27-28 January 2010. Professor Peter Schreibmayer was delayed in travel and joined on the 28th; hence he was unable to participate in the assessment for awards, but assisted in the deliberations.

The competition theme, Affordable Housing in Sustainable Humane Habitats, presented a formidable architectural challenge, and the jury was happy to note that the entries overall addressed very well the relevant issues arising from the theme. Viewpoints varied from a historical perspective of dwellings of indigenous people, to the integration of foreign migrants into the builtscape of industrial societies; from the rehabilitation of slum dwellers trapped in the expanding metropolis, to reinstating marginalized communities in pastoral landscapes being encroached by machine civilization.

It was noteworthy that the creative energy needed to find design solutions was perhaps derived from a studied focus on the dispossessed and marginalized sections of our societies. Design was approached generally as a process, starting with research into the context of the built environment reinforced with surveys and typological inventories to derive area planning strategies and a building methodology. Given the general high standard of work, the deliberations of the jury were lengthy and intense, leading to the selection of three quite evenly matched award schemes and six schemes for honorable mention. Continue reading “Jury Comments for 8th ISDC 2010”

2009 Registration Forms Available

The registration forms for the 11th ICHH 2009 and the

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7th ISDC 2009 are available in our downloads section.

Please click here to download the appropriate forms.