9th ISDC 2011


Planning and designing a hub for a rapidly developing suburban area


The International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH) is a voluntary organization promoting the goals and objectives of evolving humane habitat, through sustainable development, appropriate technology, innovative design and multidisciplinary approach to restructure policies, programming, planning and design for conservation, redevelopment and development.

IAHH has hosted eight International Student Design Competitions since 2003 on various themes related to sustainable, affordable, appropriate humane habitats. On an average 50 entries are received from about 15 different countries.

IAHH is pleased to announce its ninth International Student Design Competition on the theme of planning and designing a hub for a sustainable humane habitat.  The competition is open to students of architecture, planning, urban design, landscape architecture and related disciplines of anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, social work etc.

Hosts and Associates:

Rizvi College of Architecture is hosting the 13th International Conference on Humane Habitat at Mumbai, India. The ICHH 2011 is being organized in association with the Council of Architecture, India; Maharashtra Chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects; Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture; Indian Association of Schools of Architecture; the Forum of Colleges of Architecture, University of Mumbai and The Commonwealth Association of Architects, UK.

The Jury

The Jury shall consist of the following (subject to their confirmation)

Prof.    Frank Lyons, Plymouth, U.K.

Prof.    Anna Rubbo, University of Sydney, Australia

Prof.    Muktirajsinhji Chauhan, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India

Prof. Ashraf Salama, Qatar University, Qatar, Prof. Pravin Ghaemmaghami, Tehran, Iran


In the wake of globalization and liberalization of world economic order, the human settlements are undergoing a rapid transformation. While the urban growth continues guided by policies and programmes of urban development, the city expands along the transportation arteries and suburban sprawl occurs.

The theme of the ninth IAHH International Student Design Competition focuses on the issue of promoting compact walkable communities around transportation interchange and a hub serviced by public transportation systems such as railways, metro, bus-ways, water-ways etc. It is the purpose of the ninth IAHH International Student Design Competition to investigate into this issue of rapid urbanization and resultant suburban sprawl in order to evolve a more enlightened approach to planning, design and management of humane habitats.

Site Selection and Analysis

The student competitors are required to identify such a suburban area in a city / town / metropolis in their own country or in any other country anywhere in the world. The student participants shall survey and study the station area around the hub in depth to understand the complexity of human, social, economic and infrastructure development issues involved and plan and design for its sustainable area development.

Planning and Design Brief

The design-brief requires planning and design for an urban hub around a suburban railway / metro / tram-way or bus-way interchange. The hub shall have a range of shopping and commercial buildings, and some public, cultural and social institutions within a walkable distance from each other. It will also have some restaurants, cafes, food-courts and hotels. There shall be adequate parking facilities. The area shall have a range of public open spaces with landscaping to provide the citizens with a sense of identity. Pedestrian paths and sidewalks shall ensure safety for the citizens from vehicular movements.

The proposed plans and designs shall aim to evolve a more humane hub or station area through sustainable and affordable infrastructural development strategy, appropriate construction and technology, innovative planning, creative architectural and sustainable environmental design. These shall be the main criteria for evaluation of the projects.

Submission Requirements

The design submission shall be presented on 6 A1 drawings / 3 A0 drawings which shall include:

a. 2 A1 panels for contextual, social, economic and environmental analysis, site analysis of the existing suburban area around the station / hub  admeasuring about 10- 15 hectare showing its location in urban context along with photographs.

b. One A1 panel for proposed area development to the scale of 1:500 /

1: 1000, for a sustainable area development of the hub

c. Three A1 panels for innovative designs for transportation hub, work places and related shopping and supporting public, social, cultural, educational, health-care and recreational facilities to a scale of 1:100 / 1:200

d. Participants should list in no more than 150 words the five most important architectural criteria that they used to define the ‘Humane’ contribution made by their scheme in a brief report identifying the context, analysis, concept, planning and design approach of the proposal on not more than 10 A4 sheets in Arial 10 font size with illustrations and photographs.

e. The participants may send CDs containing the drawing and report for publication purposes. These CDs may be used by the Jury for consideration of the Awards. However, the drawings must be submitted. It may be noted that CDs alone will not be accepted.


The competition is open to all registered undergraduate / post graduate / doctoral students of any nationally recognized school, college or institution of architecture, engineering, planning, urban design, landscape design, environmental design and related disciplines of anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, social work, etc. The student group shall be headed by a student of architecture. The participants may be individuals or a group of not more than 5 students. The students shall fill in the registration form and air-mail it along with supporting certificates from the head / director of the school / college / institution for each of the student participant.

Terms and Conditions

1. The participants shall assume a six digit numerical code, which shall be written in right hand bottom corner of the drawing in a 9cm x 9 cm box.

2. A plain sealed envelope containing the copy of the registration form with the name/s of the participants and the institution shall be enclosed with the submission of entry. The seven-digit code shall be written on top of the copy of the form as well as on the envelope.

3. The drawing shall be in black and white or colour and they shall be prints

of the Originals. The drawings may be hand drawn or computer out puts. No original drawing shall be sent.

4. The documents shall be sent by airmail / courier and not by air-freight company. The participants shall bear the expenses for its transshipment.Including taxes if any.

5. The drawing and design copyright shall be with the authors.

6. The IAHH shall have the rights to its publication and exhibition.

7. The drawings shall not be returned, as they shall be required for traveling exhibition and publication.

8. IAHH may bring out a publication, documenting award winning projects and other significant projects. The winning projects may be published in professional and institutional journals.

9. The jury shall have full freedom to decide on the awards and their decision shall be final and binding on all the participants.

10. The IAHH guarantees a free and fair student design competition.

Note: Last date of receipt of submission at Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai, India : 24th January 2011


First Prize INRs. 75,000/-

Second Prize INRs. 25,000/-

Third Prize INRs. 15,000/-

Honorable Mentions : No cash prizes


Registration Starts on November 01, 2010

Early Registration US $ 50  to be received by December 31, 2010

Registration from Jan 01, 2011 US $ 75

Queries December 31, 2010

Last date of Submission: Jan24th, 2011

Contact details:

Prof. Akhtar Chauhan, convener,

IAHH International Student Design Competition,

ICHH 2011 Secretariat,

Rizvi College of Architecture,

Off Carter Road, Bandra West,

Mumbai, 400 050 INDIA

Tel: 91-22-26050624 / 26044196 Fax: 91-22-26002744

Email: contact@humanehabitat.org Website: www.humanehabitat.org

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  1. Dear Friends,

    9th IAHH International Student Design Competition 2011

    The following are the important dates:

    Last date of Receipt of Submission at RCA, Mumbai is Jan 25, 2011
    Dates of- the Jury are Jan 26-27, 2011
    Dates of the Announcement of the Result Jan 30, 2011.

    with best wishes,

    Prof. Akhtar Chauhan
    convener ICHH + ISDC 2011

  2. students who have just graduated in the year may 2010 are they eligible to participate in this competition?

  3. I have the same query as yesha, and would like to know if recent gradutaes can participate (2010 passouts)

  4. I am a final year, B. Planning student. The eligibility criteria of the ISDC states that the team should be headed be a student of architecture. I being a planning student i wanted to confirm if i can be the leader of the team because the group members are also from the planning background only.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I want to participate in your 9TH IAHH INTERNATIONAL STUDENT DESIGN COMPETITION 2011.
    I am a junior student in Architecture Eng. Department of University of Azad (In the west of Tehran).
    I have a Design course with Prof. Pravin Ghaemmaghami in this semester. She highly recommends me to participate in this competition.

    I visit your announced page , but I exactly don’t know how I can register in this competition.
    Could you please help me and whether I can pay money with credit card or not.
    I am really being more than happy to be in your competition.

    I apologize that I am taking your time and thanks for your attention and consideration my problem.

    Sincerely yours,
    Niloufar Yousefi

  6. Dear Sir,
    COMPETITION 2011,and my register number is 136869 , but I have some problems with paying by credit card.
    I want to pay this from Iran but google dose not permit me because I’m from Iran.
    Could you please help me? and offer some solution or whether I can pay this money from another country or not ?
    I am really being more than happy to participate in this competition.
    Thanks very much,
    Sincerely yours,
    Niloufar Yousefi

  7. SIr, i have been trying to inquire about the payment options for 3 days now…i have mailed on the email address provided in the brief as well but i have received no reply yet.

    my queries are

    a.) I do not have a credit card so d u accept payments by any other means i.e. debit card, cheque or demand draft

    b.) Is it necessary that i pay in dollars or can i pay in equivalent Indian rupees?

  8. Dear Yasir Hameed,

    You can pay your fees in Indian rupees by a demand draft in favour of Rizvi College of Architecture conference a/c. Please let us know if you have the reg form or you can down load it from the website. You need to have a certificate from your head of the college of architecture certifying that you are a student registered with a course in architecture. Please email us your contact address, email ID or a fax no so that we can assist you with the registration formality.

    with best wishes,
    Prof. Akhtar Chauhan
    Convener ICHH & ISDC 2011

  9. To all participants in the 9th International Student Design Competition 2011.

    Please note that we have appointed Ar. Razieh Rahimi, Iran and Ar. M.N. Ashish Ganju, New Delhi as stand by jury members as two of our jury members are unable to participate in the jury. Prof. Frank Lyons, UK, Prof. Anna Rubbo, Australia and Prof. Muktirajsinhji Chauhan, India have confirmed their participation in the jury.

    The jury shall take place on Jan 26-27, 2011 at Rizvi College of Architecture, Bandra West, Mumbai 400 050 India.

    All participants must be studying at present and not graduated earlier in 2010. Certificate from the Director / principal / head of the institution must be enclosed along with the entry submission.

    Participants are not required to be present for the jury since the competition entries shall have to maintain anonymity, the entries should not have any name or address, only the six digit code has to be written on the drawings, report and CD.

    Participants are advised to send entries by courier and not by air freight. Please state that there is no commercial value in your declaration, since this is an entry in student design competition. This is to avoid any delay and payment of customs duty levied on commercial shipments.

    All documents must reach Rizvi College of Architecture by the deadline well before the Jury.

    with best wishes,

    Prof. Akhtar Chauhan
    Convener, ICHH 2011 and ISDC 2011

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