10th International Conference On Humane Habitat Announced


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The first International Conference on Humane Habitat was hosted by the Rizvi College of Architecture in January 1999.

A draft constitution was prepared by Prof. Akhtar Chauhan and circulated among the friends and participants. The constitution and bye-laws were adopted on 30th January, 2000.

IAHH has organized 9 International Conferences on Humane Habitat.

The following were the themes of ICHH conferences:

ICHH 1999 was devoted to the theme of ” Affordable Housing for All”.

ICHH 2000 focused on the issue of ” Sustainable Architecture and Development”

ICHH 2001 took up the topic of ” Appropriate Architecture and Technology”

ICHH 2002 was dedicated to the issue of “Innovative Architecture and Technology”

ICHH 2003 dealt with the Quest for Excellence: Evolving Humane Habitat”

ICHH 2006 dealt with Shaping Sustainable Work Communities and Humane Work Environments

ICHH 2007 dealt with Shaping social, cultural and sacred spaces in sustainable humane habitats