Iranians students win top prizes

4th IAHH International

Student Design Competition

International Association for Humane Habitat organized the 4th IAHH design competition on the theme of “Sustainable Work Communities”. The competition was hosted by Rizvi College of Architecture attracted 23 entries from Austria, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, India, Iran, Pakistan and the USA.

Students from the Islamic Azad University, Iran have bagged the First Prize in the International student design competition. The second prize went to students Particio Echeverria Esinoza, Andres Soriano Romero and Andres Bustos Araya of Universidad Central de Chile. Iranian group from Tabriz Islamic Art University consisting of Sindokht Rezaee Lipaee and Mohammad Mohajer won the third prize.

The jury awarded 5 honourable mentions.

These include designs by Iva Prus of University of Technology, Graz, Austria;

Marzieh Emami Maybodi of Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran;

Ailar Yapang Gharravi of Tabriz Universiy of Islamic Art, Iran;

Mostafa Gholipour Gashniani, Sae Masuda, Reika Iida and Nobuhiro Monji and University of Kitakyushu, Japan


Navid Rouhi Broujeni , Niloufar Khalooesmaily, Mahsa Mehrpour Darestani & Foad Habibi from Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

The international jury consisted of Prof. Ashish Ganju, India (Chairman), Dr. Parvin Ghaemmaghami, Iran; Ar. Ludovic Jonard, France and Dr. Ashraf Salama, Egypt. Met on January 25th and 26th, 2006. Prof. Anil Nagrath, IAHH Secretary General was the co-ordinator.

The entries of the competition are exhibited at Rizvi Arch Gallery, Rizvi College of Architecture from Jan 30th to Feb 5, 2006 between 9 am to 6 pm. Competition exhibition is open to public and entry is free

9 thoughts on “Iranians students win top prizes”

  1. Hi,
    I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I wish I could see the drawings and works of the winners as well.

  2. hi to all innovative people,

    Firstly congrats to the particpants and the winners of 4th IAHH design competition.i was fortunate enough to take a look on the outstanding realms of design.This competition not only gives a sustainable design solutions ,but also makes people aware of the plight of living conditions in various parts of the world and showcases vivid intellectual design strategies in terms of design,technology and materials.
    I really wish and and suggest that all these competition entries from 1st IAHH to 4th IAHH should be documented and published.It will be a digest to all housing problems with innovations and shall make this planet a better place.
    Hope to get my hand on the first copy of IAHH series.

    girsh pillai
    2nd prize winner
    3rd IAHH

  3. We would like to know if the graphics and panels we will send must be rigid,for mathers of mailing.We also would like to know if the payment of the registration fees should be to a particular bank or account,if you´d be so kind to send us the number of the account or the information required.Thank you.

  4. Hi,
    I an Indian working in Dubai. Firstly congrats to the particpants and the winners, wish I could see the works of the winners as well.

    with regards

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