Lahore Declaration of Architects 2006

We the Architects,

of this region in general, and Pakistan in particular,

gathered in Architects’ Convention 2006 in the city of Lahore,

on the invitation of the Institute of Architects Pakistan – Lahore Chapter,

Having deliberated for last three days the grave and imminent emerging issues that confront us in the Country and in our region,

And realizing that, we cannot remain isolated in our concerns, which require immediate solutions, some of them beyond Architecture;

And further realizing that, in order to preserve, protect, and enhance the lifestyle of our people;

Aware that, these grave environmental and other issues of development need to be made public in order that informed, intelligent, and feasible solutions be arrived at and implemented;

Being further aware of our advocacy role, and the fact that we, as a group, have a solemn and moral responsibility to our profession, our people, and our Country;

And convinced by the fact that the issues of environment, development, and growth of our nation do have alternative solutions which provide us a safer, better, and more sensible route to facing the challenges of 21st century;

And that, it is our professional and moral responsibility to bring to the notice of the decision makers that strategies do exist that shall not harm our environment and our socio-cultural fabric, as a nation and as people, and that just as it is our responsibility to raise their awareness;

It is, our firm belief that decision makers in our society also have a duty, both moral and electoral to make informed decisions that reflect the aspirations of our people for a better life and a better future for our children;

We now therefore, unanimously approve this Resolution called the Lahore Declaration 2006;

And, further cause the creation of a cell to be known henceforth as the IAP WATCH (IAP RAKHA) at national and chapter levels for the specific purposes of creating public and private awareness; and,

taking appropriate actions while advocating causes of concerns to our environment;

preserving our heritage, culture, and our future;

informing legislators and decision makers of safer and better alternative routes to development; and further to

involve, advice and receive advice, petitions and funds from all sectors of the society, especially members of our profession and sister professions, the media, the NGOs -national and (if need be) international, in furtherance of aims, ideals, and objectives of our Institute, in general, and this ‘IAP WATCH’ (IAP RAKHA) Cell, in particular.

So be it resolved,

This Thursday, the 27th day of April, in the year 2006, that

the LAHORE DECLARATION OF IAP, be adopted unanimously, and further that this Declaration be sent to all professional institutions, the media/public officials, and all others concerned informing them our firm resolve and seeking their cooperation and assistance.

Proposed & tabled by Ar. Dr. Shakeel Qureshi, Chairman, IAP-Lahore Chapter, Seconded and drafted by Ar. Syed Zaigham S. Jaffery, Vice Chairman IAP-Karachi Chapter.


by the Participants of the ARCHITECTS’ CONVENTION 2006 convened by the IAP – LAHORE CHAPTER., to which we affix our signatures as proof thereof :

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  1. I support the Lahore declaration on behalf of IAP Peshawar chapter now since the IAP Peshawar Chapter been constituted lately.

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