16th ICHH 2014 Announced

We are happy to announce the 16TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HUMANE HABITAT (ICHH) 2014 slated for Jan 29-31, 2014


The theme of this year’s conference is:

People’s Participation in Evolving Humane Habitats


In so many a ways, the development of human settlements is an epic story of on going mission of people’s participation. Without active involvement and participation of groups, neighbours and communities, it was not possible to master the adverse conditions and transform them into constructive possibility of making of a safe and secure habitation. As the collective efforts to shape a livable and sustainable human settlements succeeded in developing the settlement to a higher order, from tribal hamlets to a village and a market town, to a provincial city, the need for managing the settlement required a more sophisticated and organized governance.


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Jury Report: 11th ISDC 2013


THE 11TH IAHH International Student Design Competition.

The jury consisting of Prof. Bart Dewancker, Japan; Ar. Biju Kuriakose, Chennai, India and Ar. Martina Spies, Vienna, Austria met on January 30-31, 2013. Dr. Peter Schreibmayer, Austria and Dr. Parveen Ghaemmaghami, Iran were unable to attend the jury. There were only 9 entries this year.

The evaluation of the projects made by the jury was based on a mixture of several criteria; first of all we’ve looked at the

understanding of the issues and site. Planning strategies, considerations of the local communities, and the way those aspects and strategies had been translated in the overall urban and architectural design expressed in the proposals. Among the 9 proposals, we’ve selected 2 projects worth the 1st and 2nd prize, because we could find coherence between the handled issues in relation to the selected site, above that the proposals were based on sharp and keen analyses. Also we’ve selected 2 projects worth anhonorable mention; those both proposals had made good studies of the issues or analyses of the site, however in the design proposals a profounder relation between the analyses and the designs would have made the projects more convincing.

The Jury unanimously agreed to give only the first and second prize and they identified two entries for honourable mentions. The details are as follows:


Team1500708 : First Prize


Pratik Nimbarte, Jai Bhadgaonkar and Ketaki Tare

CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India.

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11th ISDC 2013 Announced

11TH IAHH International Student Design Competition

Theme: Redevelopment of a high density urban community in an existing city


The 11th IAHH International Student Design Competition (ISDC) shall focus on the theme of redevelopment of a dense residential locality in an existing city with an aim to transform the area into a vibrant humane and sustainable community through innovative planning, design and construction which addresses

the key issue of evolving sustainable humane habitats.


Full details of the competition brief and registration available on the 11th ISDC 2013 page.