Report of the Jury: 5th ISDC 2007

The jury met on January 24th and 25th , 2007 at the Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai, where twenty one projects received from different architecture schools globally, had been displayed.

It was evident that considerable amount of thought and effort had been put in by the students in the presentations.

Generally, the concepts were very strong, based upon thorough analysis of the site, its environment and the prevailing socioeconomic conditions of the neighboring communities.

After detailed discussions on the merits of each entry the jury short listed seven projects and decided to award three prizes and ‘special mention’ to the other four projects.

1st Prize : Entry no. 9 (No. 2706295) – Tara Paulose

College – Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute Of Architecture, Mumbai, India.

A beautifully conceived poetic journey through Nature Park, full of symbolism, takes into its embrace the slum dwellers of Dharavi, unfolding a future full of hope and promise.

The proposal is highly sensitive to the environment and ably addresses concerns of sustainability in all its aspects. A well thought out and clearly articulated presentation.

2nd Prize : Entry no. 6 (No .0000026) – Manoj Ajudia,Dhaval Rangani, Nirali Bodhara, Esha Doshi

College – Sarvajanik College of Engg. & Techology, Surat, Gujarat, India.

A strong historical and contextual analysis forms the basis of this proposal, sensitively linking the community with the project. An excellent, detailed presentation that takes into account the numerous icons and the human element that makes up the vibrant Navasari community

3rd Prize : Entry no.10 (No4041983) – Mayuri Sisodia.

College – Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute Of Architecture, Mumbai, India.

Pascal Maidan lies between two segregated communities that has witnessed traumatic incidents of communal riots. The proposed civic centre encircling the open, multiuse maidan is seen as “symbiotic urban commune” that will work as a catalyst in organizing the neighborhood into a sustainable (and peaceful) community.

The project sensibly integrates the two communities through a built project that has an inviting external face but looks inwards into the large, green, friendly maidan.


Entry No.3 (No.7825381) – Carole Levesque, Rim Ben Fredj

Ecole D’Architecture Montreal, Canada.

Entry NO.2 (No.4602002) – Jakchai Singhanart, Poom Panusittikorn, Smix Phuangrach, Supakij Homthong, Nattanai Sangvarce

Department of Architecture, Bangkok , Thailand

Entry NO.7 (No.5085373) – Shi Yang, Li Shaojun

School of Architecture , Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Entry NO.13(No.9767124) – Vedashree Jathar, Minal Rathi, Ahana Bodadia,

Ruchi Gupta, Trupti Sanchani

M. M. Department of Architecture, LAD College, Nagpur, India.

The members of the jury would like to place on record their appreciation for the excellent arrangements made for display of the projects and for facilitating the members in carrying out the assessment.


Ar. Syed Akeel Bilgrami Chairman Karachi, Pakistan

Prof.Dr. Parvin Ghaemmaghami Tehran, Iran

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Salama Doha, Qatar

Prof. Dr. S. M. Akhtar New Delhi, India

Ar. Narendra Dengle Pune, India

Prof. Anil Nagrath Technical Co-ordinator Mumbai, India

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