RESULTS: 6th ISDC 2008

6th IAHH International Student Design Competition 2008
Theme : Sustainable Humane Habitats

Members of the Jury :
1.Prof. Frank Lyons ,Plymouth,U.K.– Chairman
2.Prof .Peter Rowe,

Harvard, U.S.A.
3,Prof. Rodney Harber, Durban,South Africa
4.Prof.Tom Fookes, Auckland, New Zealand
5.Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya, Ahmedabad, India

The Jury met over two days ( Jan 23,24, 2008 ) to adjudicate the Competition entries.
The Members elected Frank Lyons to act as their Chairman.
Over 90 teams of Students from 20 countries across the world registered for the Competition. There were schemes from North & South America, Asia, Middle East and Europe.87 Schemes were submitted and seen by the Jury.

On the first day, each member of the Jury studied all the entries and selected six to be examined further. The schemes selected in the first round were then examined further by the Jurors. A short list of seven was then scrutinised further and the winning schemes were selected.

Observation and Comments:
The jury felt that the overall standard of the work was very high, and given the wide geographical range of the entries, were pleasantly surprised by the consistent quality of the work. In almost all the entries, the work was very clearly presented, which made the task of reading and assessing the work informative, pleasant and enjoyable. The task set out in the brief was wide ranging and demanding and the Jury were impressed by the way that many of the entrants had been able to rise to the challenge. In most of the submissions the entrants displayed a high level of commitment and energy. The jury was encouraged by the serious way that the problems had been analysed and examined. Given the general high quality of the work, the jury had some difficulty in selecting the winning schemes, but three schemes did consistently come to the top in the judging process and thes now take the winning places. Interestingly they represent three different ways of tackling the brief.

After deciding on the winning schemes, the envelopes containing the identity of the winning code nos. were opened. The prize winners are as follows.

First Prize:No 1303133 Housing for the Boatmakers –Mandvi (Kutch)
Anand Mata
CEPT, Ahmedabad, India.

The first placed scheme chose to deal with a more or less completely clear site on the edge of an established city. After an analysis of the adjacent city, the design development started by overlaying a section of the existing city on the open site.
This technique established an appropriate scale and a familiar grain for the area that was then adjusted to the specific site conditions.

The Project explored the complex three-dimensional quality of the mixed use blocks and examined how the public spaces would provoke social interaction. The scheme also looked into the appropriate use of sustainable technologies, examined the expected salary range of various trades working in the area and designed construction costs to be within the range and reach of local workers.

This scheme consistently stood out from the other entrants and offers an exemplary model of appropriate, humane urban development.

Second Prize: No.8307723 Reconstruction of Dapeng Ancient Town
Ma Jia, Ding Yifei, Lu Chao
HIT, SGS University, China

The approach taken by the second placed scheme adopted a model that preserved the significant key buildings and landmark features , within the area of study, and redeveloped large areas in and around these elements. The entrants sensitively maintained the existing grain of the city, but adjusted the old street pattern in order to repair the failing parts of the existing city and to create new nodal points where necessary.
The Scheme developed a range of mixed use units based on the traditional building/house types of the region and integrated these into the overall layout in a skillful way. The scheme represents a very sensitive and sensible way of developing and repairing damaged city environments.

Third Prize: No.1245430 Kumartuli Kolkata
Chen Yuxun ,Tan Ruixiang, Eugene Aw, Grace Chen, Heng Yinghui.
Department of Architecture, School of Design & Environment, Singapore.

The Third placed Scheme after analysing their selected area, decided to maintain much of the existing city-scape and suggested eight infil projects to repair the most damaged parts of the city. Five of these eight projects were then worked out in detail, showing an integration of residential, educational, social and commercial activities. Natural ventilation and passive energy systems were adapted where appropriate.

The scheme was exemplary in the level of energy and commitment shown by the students and displayed some charming drawings and thoughtful design work.
Prof Frank Lyons Chairman of the Jury

19 thoughts on “RESULTS: 6th ISDC 2008”

  1. Congratulations to the winning teams.
    Is it possible to see the selected works on the IAHH website? And what about the Honorable Mentions? And if possible could you also show somewhere the selected works of the former years? This could be great to show to all the participants of this competition.
    Let’s challenge next year again.
    Thanks in advance.
    Bart Dewancker, Japan

  2. the same question as above: when the honorable mentions shall be published? congratulations to the winners!

  3. Hi All.

    I have emailed Prof. Chauhan, the convener of the competition and am awaiting his response to the honorable mentions question.

    We are also going to put up the winning entries on the website for everyone to see. This will be done in a week or so, as soon as we finish wrapping up our post-conference duties.


  4. Waiting with great antisipation for the honorable mentions to be published and with even more – to see the schemes of the winners. Please – let us know as soon as possible!

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for your respect.
    I have seen every presentation at Mumbai.They all were great. Keep up the good work.
    Thank you.

  6. Dear Participant,

    I was one of the judges for the 6th IAHH International Student Design Competition held at Rizvi College.

    After reviewing and grading all of the entries the three winners stood out clearly, especially the eventual winner.
    There was an extended discussion thereafter regarding Honourable Mentions.

    Although Professor Chauhan requested that we make these it was eventually decided by the judges that this would not be so. The main reason is that none stood out clearly and it proved to be impossible to separate these.

    In fact this is a compliment to all the remaining schemes- the standard was so high overall that as far as we were concerned they were all worthy of equal praise.

    The increase in the standard and volumes of entries have made this year a milestone for this important competition.
    The top three projects will be put on the web for your information and we hope that this will assist all concerned.

    Good luck for next year.

    Rodney Harber
    29th January 2008, Mumbai.

  7. thanks arZan,
    waiting for the honouable mentions to be declared.
    please let us know as sson as possible.

  8. Hi All

    Prof. Rodney Harbor who has commented above was one of the jury members. As he mentions there were NO honorable mentions announced this year.

    We will post the winning entries for all to view on the website soon.

    Stay tuned.

  9. thanks for the reply. i’m not sure whether not declaring honorable mentions is fair, because in the description of the contest there stood clearly that the mentions should be declared. moreover, it’s hard to believe, that ALL of the entries were on almost the same level; if it was possible to choose the winners, i’m sure it’d also possible to choose the honorable mentions. remember, that even a mention in such world class competition like ISDC means very much for participants. thus, in my opinion the mentions should have been declared, especially because it does not cost the sponsors anything. but of course we have to accept and respect the decision of the jury and accept. hail for the winners and the teams that would have been honourably mentioned but wouldn’t. let’s challenge next year!

  10. I totally agree with Skrillax, for it was earlier announced that the honourable mentions would be declared, in the brief for the ISDC & it’s surely very important to get even a mention in this competiton. I think it’s not fair & I would insist upon these mentions to be declared. Thanks beforehand.

  11. Hi and congratulations to the winning teams….let us know how many works were parcipated in this competition and put the top 3 on website….thanks

  12. dear all,
    i agree to the decisions of the judges that may be the work of the all the rest of the participants was too high to be declared the special mentions.
    this means that all the works were worthy of getting the special mention. then please declare that all the rest of the entries are special mentions…
    this much will be great achivement for rest of the entries..’
    what all you say?
    please do reply.

  13. As has been clarified by the jury members, there were no honorable mentions announced this year.

    We will end this discussion thread for now. Thanks

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